Where to buy Motorbike Helmets in Hanoi ?

In the time when helmets are not only just a necessary equipment to ensure your safety when participating in traffic, they are also considered as accessories and fashion components that are well-received and hunted by everyone, especially young people. However, to own a helmet that is comfortable, safe and fits your style, it is a headache to look for. On the other hand, when big brands always show the quality of the helmets they produce, the fake and poor quality products are constantly on the market, which confuses you. Don’t worry, let us find the most reliable address when buying a helmet for yourself.

Motor Store – the most reliable place to choose yourself a helmet

Motor Store - Motorbkier helmets Hanoi

You can find countless cheap genuine products at the Motor Store Motor Store/ motorstore.vn

As insurance tools are indispensable, they are gradually viewed by users as a tool to beautify themselves, to create their own style and because of this the protective clothing manufacturing industry also becomes should develop strongly, especially in Vietnam – a country that has tightened traffic rules in recent years. And to avoid counterfeiting and poor quality, the Motor Store was put into operation soon after.

Motor Store is known to be one of the most trusted stores from customers who have visited them. Having that trust is because the store always pays attention, shares and maintains close relationships right from the moment customers step into the store to nowadays. The store’s employees are always enthusiastic to advise and warranty products that have been sold quickly, neatly and promptly to customers. Information and articles or detailed video review of the latest products are constantly updated to help customers get an overview and clearest, thereby giving them the perfect choice

High quality genuine products are always the first criteria of Motor Store

Where to buy Motorbike Helmets in Hanoi

Customers’ trust is always the motivation of Motor Store/ motorstore.vn

Motor Store always guarantees absolute quality of products as well as genuine goods for any products that appear in the store. With a multitude of different helmet models from major brands such as GIVI, Avex, YOHE, AGV, LS2, HJC, DAINESE, Alpinestars along with a number of other famous brands. In terms of form and type of helmet, Motor owns all types of helmets available on the market, such as helmets 1/2, this type of helmet only covers the top half, to reveal the ears and nape of the head provide a comfortable, light weight, but no sound insulation. If you don’t like the noisy roads, you can choose a helmet ¾, this helmet protects the entire rear end area, only exposing the front face makes you feel more comfortable by their good sound insulation ability when traveling on crowded and noisy roads.

However, for those with high-speed moving vehicles, the perfect option for them is a fullface helmet, which will cover your entire head, built-in a synthetic plastic sheet that can decelerate and block the wind when the motobike runs too fast. For those who like to run off-road motorcycles, the offroad helmet products are exactly what they are always looking for. This type of helmet gives absolute safety protection to the head from frequent bumps against people running offroad motorcycles, and there are more glass and mud guards to avoid soil dirt effectively. And finally, flip-up helmets, this type of helmet is quite similar to full face helmets when they cover the entire head of a human, but can flip the front of helmet up to turned it into a 3/4 helmet, very convenient, isn’t it?

The Motor Store is also known as the only one selling a full range of accessories with helmets such as sun glasses, windshields and sunshades attached to the helmet. In addition, there are countless safety protection items for high-speed travel such as armor, specialized gloves for driving, motor shoes, bags or backpacks are designed to reduce the possibility wind shield while moving with many designs and colors for your choice.

Another highlight point that Motor Store always does very well is to create an opportunity for everyone to have the opportunity to own genuine products that they sell at the lowest price. With the most extensive discount promotions, products, grateful and lucky draw programs – free genuine products with annual organization time and high frequency.

With the motto put above of all always is the benefit of customers. Motor Store has always proved itself a reliable companion for any believer who wants to own helmet or other genuine products to ensure safety at the most affordable price, quickly update all the latest and hottest products on the market and give customers the most objective view of all products. Don’t hesitate and come to Motor Store right away to create your own travel style.


Hotline : 096 9151 777

Adress : 347D Phố Huế, Q. Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội.


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